New Camera Shoots at 40K 300fps and Eliminates the Need For Green Screen

This insanely cool camera captures all the light in the field before it as well as the precise path that light takes. That means all the light information is captured in 3D and you are actually able to refocus any part of the image in post. Or you could arbitrarily select a section of the background and replace it with another image. That would create a green screen effect without the need for a physical green screen. As this 3D space captured by the camera can be combined with animated or augmented reality, this new light field technology offers filmmakers an extraordinary new tool to make movies and virtual reality even more amazing.

Want one? It costs just $125,000.00. Not to buy… just to rent.



The text below is from Wikipedia describing the tech in historical detail.

“A  light field is a vector function that describes the amount of light flowing in every direction through every point in space. The direction of each ray is given by the 5D plenoptic function, and the magnitude of each ray is given by the radiance.”

“Michael Faraday was the first to propose (in an 1846 lecture entitled “Thoughts on Ray Vibrations”) that light should be interpreted as a field, much like the magnetic fields on which he had been working for several years. The phrase light field was coined by Alexander Gershun in a classic paper on the radiometric properties of light in three-dimensional space (1936).”