While we mostly see drones being used for TV, film, and internet videos, there are many other uses for drones that companies are taking advantage of to increase the productivity and the safety of their business operations. For example, this technology is making industrial inspections safer, faster, and a whole lot less expensive. Here are some of the industries benefiting from aerial drone inspections.

Shout out to Lagato Shine for putting out Young Mel's second mixtape that he was working on before his untimely death. Listen to the music, watch the videos and help spread the word about his passion, his talent, and his story. I only wish I could have done more work with him before he passed. You can check out the mixtape here.

Michael Chow Media now offers uncompressed 14-bit RAW video. What does this mean for you? A sharper, cleaner, more dynamic image with the ability to bring back an incredible amount of detail in post production. Watch the video below to see the difference!